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Burt Shavitz. Arash Derambarsh

保養品 Burt’s Bees創辦人 80歲病逝
曾3度來台 人生因女人起落「沒遺憾」


【韓政燕╱綜合報導】暢銷全球的美國保養品牌Burt’s Bees創辦人伯特薛維茲(Burt Shavitz)前天病逝,享壽80歲。曾3度來台的他晚年避世簡居,回顧一生事業起落都因女人。對此,他輕描淡寫說:「我沒有遺憾」。

國際知名的保養品牌Burt’s Bees昨發聲明稱,薛維茲在親友陪伴下因呼吸道併發症病逝於緬因州家中。與他共創Burt’s Bees的昆比表示,「他是個謎,他是我的導師,我的靈感來源。我深感悲傷。」


1991年,Burt’s Bees開始生產第一個蜂蠟護唇膏,在美國等地大賣。例如美國女星茱兒芭莉摩(Drew Barrymore)和名模林嘉綺等都是愛用者。1994年,公司搬到北卡羅萊納州,薛維茲因與公司女職員交往,被迫離職,搬回緬因州。2007年,清潔用品品牌Clorox以9.25億美元(約286億元台幣)收購Burt’s Bees。薛維茲雖不過問公司業務,但之後仍替品牌站台,曾3度來台,2012年來台時並與品牌代言人昆凌同台造勢。



Burt’s Bees創辦人「蜜蜂爺爺」

名字:伯特薛維茲(Burt Shavitz)
.1984年與女藥草師昆比共創Burt’s Bees
Burt Shavitz, the Burt Behind Burt’s Bees, Dies at 80
Maine resident was co-founder of natural cosmetics company

Burt Shavitz co-founded Burt’s Bees natural personal products in 1984. PHOTO: ROBERT F. BUKATY/ASSOCIATED PRESS
SERENA NGUpdated July 6, 2015 7:16 p.m. ET

Burt Shavitz, an eccentric beekeeper who is the namesake and co-founder of natural personal products brand Burt’s Bees, died on Sunday at the age of 80.

Mr. Shavitz was a free-spirited individual who co-founded the brand in 1984 as a maker of beeswax candles. His bearded face is still featured on some Burt’s Bees products such as tins of hand salve.

The company, which had expanded into an array of personal-care products from lip balms to moisturizers was purchased by Clorox Co. in 2007 for $925 million.

Mr. Shavitz died in Bangor, Maine, with his family and friends around him, according to the company. A Clorox spokeswoman said he died after developing a respiratory condition over the last few months.

A statement from Burt’s Bees, labeling him as “The Bee Man,” described Mr. Shavitz as a wisecracker who loved golden retrievers, nature and the yellow color of school buses.Born in 1935 in Manhattan, Mr. Shavitz worked as a photographer in New York City in the 1960s. He later moved to central Maine and worked as a beekeeper. There he co-founded Burt’s Bees with Roxanne Quimby, a local artist and single mother who made and sold candles made from his beeswax.

In the 1990s they began making beeswax lip balm, which remains one of the brand’s top-selling products today.

The duo ultimately clashed over the running of the company and Ms. Quimby bought out Mr. Shavitz’s ownership interests in Burt’s Bees in 1999. She later sold a majority stake in the company to a private-equity firm that subsequently sold it Clorox, which makes consumer products including bleach, charcoal and cat litter. In a 2013 documentary about his life, Mr. Shavitz claimed his ouster was caused by an affair he had with an employee.

After his exit from Burt’s Bees, Mr. Shavitz lived a largely reclusive lifestyle, even as he continued to be the occasional public face of the brand.

At Clorox’s Analyst Day in 2013, the company screened a video clip of a 2012 trip Mr. Shavitz made to Taiwan, where he was greeted by screaming fans holding up “I [heart symbol] Burt & the Bees” signs and banners welcoming him to the country.

A Clorox spokeswoman said the company had no formal contractual arrangement with Mr. Shavitz but maintained a relationship with him, and was recently working with him to build a new cabin on his property in Maine.

Burt’s Bees annual sales are now more than $200 million and the products are sold in over 50 countries.

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